Journal of General Education :

 Concept & Practice

 Special Issue 

Call for papers


Editor: Chair Professor Huann-Shyang Lin

Guest Editors: Professor Thomas J. Smith and Professor Wei-Chen Hung


This Special Journal Issue Volume 12, Issue 3, is posed to be published in December 2024.


Journal of General Education- Concept and Practice is abstracted and indexed by Google Scholar; Taiwan Citation Index- Humanity and Social Sciences and Airiti Library. This journal has also been awarded by the National Taiwan Library as an high impact factor journal in 2022 and 2023.


Educational researchers are invited to submit theoretical arguments or empirical findings for review and publication in the 2024 special issue of Journal of General Education- Concept & Practice. The due date for submissions is August 31, 2024. This special issue is guided by the following themes:


1.          Research on collaborative teaching practices and contextual learning to promote student mathematics, science, and reading literacies. Sample questions might include:

(1)   How can interdisciplinary teaching practices enhance the integration of mathematics, science, and reading literacies within informal (or formal) learning environments?

(2)   In what ways can contextual learning opportunities, such as project-based learning, contribute to students' understanding and application of literacy concepts in STEM (or STEAM)?

(3)   What role do cultural and societal contexts play in shaping effective teaching practices for enhancing literacy in mathematics, science, and reading?

(4)   How can technology be leveraged to support collaborative teaching practices that promote literacy across these subjects?

(5)   What are effective strategies for involving parents and communities in the collaborative process of teaching mathematics, science, and reading literacies?


2.          Conceptual, theoretical, and methodological research studies that have potential to promote insights into teachers’ professional development on literacy-based teaching strategies. Sample questions might include:

(1)   How can action research conducted by teachers in their own classrooms contribute to the development of effective literacy-based teaching strategies in STEM (or STEAM)?

(2)   How do pre-service teacher education programs incorporate literacy-based teaching strategies into their curriculum, particularly for STEM (or STEAM) education?

(3)   In what ways can digital platforms and online learning communities support ongoing professional development for teachers in literacy-based teaching strategies?

(4)   How do college teachers use literacy-based teaching strategies to implement teaching practice research in their classes?


All articles should not exceed 6,000 words, including references, and should include an abstract that does not exceed 200 words. Specific formatting guidelines are available on the journal's website.


Important Dates

It is proposed that this themed issue is produced for December 2024 as Volume 12 Issue 3


Paper submission deadline: August 31, 2024

Notifications of reviewers’ process: October 15, 2024

Final copy from authors to Guest Editors: November 30, 2024

Publication: December 2024


Submit manuscripts by E-mail


For further info contact the Guest Editors: Thomas J. Smith or Wei-Chen Hung


Thomas J. Smith, Ph.D.


Department of Educational Technology, Research and Assessment

College of Education

Northern Illinois University

DeKalb, IL 60115


Wei-Chen Hung, Ph.D.


Department of Educational Technology, Research and Assessment

College of Education

Northern Illinois University

DeKalb, IL 60115